About Amy Cranch

Amy has been moving since childhood, but it wasn’t until she heard Peter Gabriel’s 1989 Passion soundtrack that she began exploring the world’s rich array of artistic and spiritual forms. She has trained and performed extensively in West African dance; yoga; physical, spectacle, and collaborative theater; and various forms of improvisational storytelling and dance. In Chicago, she was a long-time performer and teen mentor with Redmoon, as well as a vocalist with Devi 2000, a devotional chanting band. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2005, she has been studying with the legendary dancer/choreographer Anna Halprin and is a senior member of her advanced performance studies lab. She also performed autobiographical, movement-based theater with Nina Wise for years and is currently immersed in San Francisco’s emerging devised theater community. Aside from her artistic pursuits, Amy is an editor at UC Berkeley, teasing out the university’s greatness for websites, magazines, brochures, and other pieces. She lives in Berkeley with her husband and two fuzzy rescue kitties.

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