About Art of Experience

We began The Art of Experience by noticing how people visit museums. To notice is to allow something into your conscious experience, to slow down just enough to see with great detail how things are put together and how they register in your body and your mind. How do you make yourself affectable? What happens when we play with how we visit?

The Art of Experience invites you to unpack what you usually do at an art museum and then re-pack only what you choose. To unlock yourself from your old habits, not because they are wrong or bad but because unlocking means acknowledging they are built on assumptions: about your visit, about the art, about how you will interact with it. If you can soften these assumptions, might you be moved or changed in new ways? There are several respectful and productive ways to encounter art in the context of the museum. How can you discover what is most relevant to you?

The Art of Experience is a series of invitations for visitors for all kinds of cultural institutions.We premiered The Art of Experience: the Smart Museum at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago in September 2014.

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