About Gerald Dowd

Drummer/singer/songwriter GERALD DOWD was born and raised just outside Boston, MA, but has now been a Midwesterner almost as long as he hasn’t.  Since moving to Chicago in the late 1900s, he has played/toured/recorded extensively with Robbie Fulks, Justin Roberts, Chris Mills, Frisbie, Kelly Hogan, Nora O’Connor, John Fournier, Edith Frost, Pinetop Seven, EXO, Model Citizens Big Band, Dave Ramont, Jive Council, Mavis Staples, Peter Himmelman, Syd Straw, Cursive, Arturo Sandoval, and Glen Phillips.  He has drumming credit on over 100 records, with two of them — Justin Robert’s Jungle Gym (2010) and Recess (2013) — having been nominated for Grammy awards.  Father of two (that he knows of) and husband of one  (that she knows of), Mr. Dowd is honored to have worked with 500Clown.

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