About Herbert Lust

My first weekend after having moved to Chicago was the opening of the Macbeth/Frankenstein double bill at Steppenwolf.   I received tickets for the opening from a colleague at work (thank you, Angel). I was gob smacked. For weeks and weeks afterwards I was expecting everyone in Chicago to have red ears and be clown.    Reality can be disappointing. OK, so I moved from Belgium to Chicago for work.   I am Belgian and as a good European speak a lot of languages.   Also as a good European I am of course snobby about my arts but I have to say there is no 500 Clown in Europe.   Nothing. I remember talking to Molly on that opening night and giddily telling her that 500 Clown reminded me of opera buffa, la Fura dels Baus, derevo and Buster Keaton and ten things more all at the same time.   She smiled and ignored me…a wise woman.    I made the same comment to Leslie who stared at me quizzically. I said the same thing to Adrian and he told me I was completely wrong.   I said the same thing to Paul and he just head butted me. I might have made that last bit up. Paul is the nice guy. I was hooked.  Since then I’ve been gob smacked by Elephant, Trapped and re-runs. So…500 Clown confuses me, cajoles me and makes me happy.   The present tense here is deliberate.   Because it is different and unpredictable, challenging, uncomfortable and infectious. Infectious it is.   Chicago might not be full of people with red ears being clown but there are lot of people I have met who can re-tell their 500 Clown moments.   I believe that is called a legacy, which is a very 500 Clown thing to do.

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