About Jim Moore

Jim Moore toured with 500 Clown from 2007 to 2012, working on 500 Clown MacBeth, 500 Clown Frankenstein, 500 Clown Christmas, 500 Clown and The Elephant Deal, and 500 Clown Trapped; and he designed the major technical elements for both Christmas and Elephant Deal. He is a company member of The Hypocrites and has often served as Technical Director, and sometimes-designer, since 2002. Other Chicago companies he has worked with include A Red Orchid Theatre, Naked Eye, Rivendell, Seanachai, European Repertory, Profiles, Chicago Dramatists, The House, Pegasus Players, The Factory, Walkabout, Open Eye, Barrel of Monkeys, Plasticene, Chicago Shakespeare, The Neo-futurists, and many others. He is the Technical Director of the DCASE Storefront Theater & the Facility Manager of the Neo-futurarium. He received a B.A. in Classical Languages and Literature from New College of Florida (where he translated and produced the Roman Comedy, Mostellaria of Titus Maccius Plautus).

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