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1. EXPLORING PARTNERSHIPS – August 19th, 11 – 2pm, $90

Where: The Neo-Futurarium, 5153 North Ashland Ave.

Cost:    $90

Making a clown show is a continual act of co-creation. In this class we will explore how playful partnerships create stage worthy problems and how the relationship to our partners is the single most reliable tool we have on stage.  We will use this relationship to create work that is truthful and grounded in the real, so that we can forge experience with audiences rather than asking them to “suspend disbelief”. We will also use these real experiences of the audience to help shape our choices.  Negotiating these multiple points of contact takes practice.  So that’s what we’ll do. We will explore action and service in the context of partnership.


2. PLAY & RISK (Workshop/Jam) – August 24th, 10:30 – 2pm, $25

Weekend Intensive500 Clown PLAY & RISK

Where: The Neo-Futurarium, 5153 N Ashland.

Cost:    $25

CLASS DESCRIPTION: A crash course in 500 Clown Fundamentals followed by a 2 1/2 hour workshopping of original new work. PLAY & RISK is ideal for performers new and old seeking a refreshing workshop in 500 Clown’s teaching that culminates in a clown jam to continue exploring the basic principles of 500 Clown through play. The first 90 minutes will be spent exploring the basic elements of 500 Clown Theater: Action, Risk, Audience and Humor by taking emotional and physical risks through play.  Our belief is that physical action is a language that everyone shares, and we have developed fun ways to work together and individually with risk that helps move participants from passive observers to active participants.  By introducing ourselves to our risk threshold we can mine it for value both onstage and off. The second half of class will be spent workshopping existing work (1 – 3 minutes) that students bring in while exploring new partnerships within the Chicago clown community. In doing so, 500 Clown hopes to lay the groundwork for a thriving Clown Community that can meet for regular jams with a shared vocabulary and similar goals. (Additional goals are to get sweaty and have fun.)