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500 Clown Not Dead Yet

The Forgotten Show of 500 Clown.

The forgotten show.  This was our first attempt to expand the number of people we were playing with.  We wanted to play with our friends Halena Kays and Chuck Stubbings and we were invited to participate in the Chicago Improv festival in its early days.  We performed this show twice.  It started outside in the parking lot and moved into the theater.  It was named after the  line from Monty Python and The Holy Grail when a plague stricken man tries to argue for his viability against his kin and the dead collector on his weekly rounds.  Adrian had made a previous show with the same title at Roosevelt University.  Leah Urzendowski had been in that show, and Leslie was called in to save it in the last week of rehearsal (which worked). The 500 Clown version was not very good.  The audience was totally confused by it. The only moment I [Adrian] remember is when Chuck “cut his finger”.  I was totally convinced that it happened, and it was apparently merely excellent acting. Both versions of the show were conceived and performed during the period my (Adrian’s) mother was dying.