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Early 500 Clown Frankenstein

First produced in 2003 at the PAC/edge Festival at the Athenaeum in Chicago

When we began making this show, we were working with the central question of “who is Frankenstein”.  The show was a Seance.  We performed it almost completely on the surface of the table.  It had songs in it and started on a boat (as the book does).  We showed it to a handpicked audience of students and super fans – including future collaborator Leah Urzendowski-Courser- and they all said, “you can’t put that on stage”.  We had two weeks before we opened at The PAC Edge Festival to make a new show.  We kept the opening moment with Adrian holding a candle way too close to his eye – and made an entirely new show.  Laura Eason and Erik Lochtefeld came to the first show and sat in the front, and we watched them so closely while we played.  We had very little understanding of what we were putting on stage, although we had rehearsed for 6 months and had played together for years. We had to make it add up to something, and they were there – along with the rest of the audience – to let us know if we were making a show.  They thought it was a show.  It took about two years of playing it before we started to understand how it worked and what it was.  The central question of the show is, “How do you make a monster?” a very short distance from “Who is Frankenstein?” but a much better question to make a show out of because the answer can be explored through action.


A montage of the "Keaton" moment from 500 Clown Frankenstein in various productions.

A montage of the scientist talking to the landlady in 500 Clown Frankenstein over many productions.

500 Clown Frankenstein in the Loop Theater in 2004

500 Clown Frankenstein at Steppenwolf Theater Company in 2007