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500 Clown Frankenstein on Tour

First produced in 2003 at the PAC/edge Festival at the Athenaeum in Chicago

Chad Southard played the role of The Doctor at The Loop Theater (a condemned building which stood where The Joffrey now stands) and Leah Urzendowski often played the role of The Storyteller when Molly couldn’t tour with us.  Matt Hawkins played the role of The Helper when Paul couldn’t.  But these substitutions largely paralleled and mimicked how the parts were created originally.  The performances had to fit with the way the other actors and characters worked, and typically when we rehearsed before a tour, we would re-open or explore some aspect of the show that Leslie thought needed attention.  We were efficient.  Especially with this show.  The set could fit in the trunk of a Buick.  We had three costumes and no fancy lighting. We could install the show during the day and play it that night.  We needed three actors and a stage manager/lighting person/tour manager.  So we toured this show more than 500 Clown Macbeth because it was less expensive.  We had optimized the form for touring.  More business minded folks would have stuck with this formula.  There is a world of fun and good theater that could be had by making 500 Clown Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 500 Clown Uncle Vanya, 500 Clown Nutcracker etc… We continued to experiment with what Clown Theater was and could be.  That’s what we did.


A montage of the "Keaton" moment from 500 Clown Frankenstein in various productions.

A montage of the scientist talking to the landlady in 500 Clown Frankenstein over many productions.

500 Clown Frankenstein in the Loop Theater in 2004

500 Clown Frankenstein at Steppenwolf Theater Company in 2007