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500 Clown Trapped On Tour

First produced in 2011 at Adventure Stage Chicago

In 500 Clown Trapped, three clown-musicians are unexpectedly ensnared. Their response to this surprising turn of events ineffectively spirals out of control. Slapstick mishaps, vaudevillian turns, and untiring resilience are put into play as the clowns try to escape the trap they’ve made. Along the way, they collide with the questions: What does it mean to be trapped? To be set free? Who sets the traps? 500 Clown Trapped is accessible for audiences of all ages.

"...The essentials are still there: three performers...confront an overwhelming physical obstacle (a huge, cage-like device that swallows things, including them) and employ a brilliant array of Keatonesque solutions to overcome their problem. This time, however, there's none of the more risque comedy of previous shows. The result is both wholesome and hilarious."

- Chicago Reader


500 Clown's 2011 Premiere at Adventure Stage Chicago

Our 2012 tour to MASSMoCA after a second rehearsal process.

Press Clippings

  • "Chicago Stage Review- Highly Recommended ...This is a wonderful show for all to see. Although there were more 8-10 year olds than 12-16 year olds in attendance, 500 Clown Trapped is definitely worth seeing for children of ALL AGES. Taking children and young adults to the theater is always a brilliant proposition. It expands their perspectives and engages them on an immediate visceral and interactive level. 500 Clown Trapped pushes that experience over the cliff and alters the theatrical paradigm, not just presenting a staged story but also relocating the audience to a place where being trapped means looking outside of the box and exploring ideas they may have never considered. Don’t miss this fabulous adventure into imagination!"

    - Chicago Stage Review

  • "...500 Clown Trapped is the first collaboration between the city’s premier clown company and one of its largest children’s theaters, and hopefully it’s the start of a fruitful relationship between the two. 500 Clown’s history with more adult material makes their approach to children’s theatre one free of condescension, perfect for parents looking for a fun night of family-friendly theater. It may be light on plot, but the 500 Clown gang definitely brings the laughs, and Trapped is a joyful show for the kid in all of us."

    - Chicago Theater Beat