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500 Clown Macbeth at Steppenwolf

500 Clown Macbeth production at Steppenwolf.

Playing the double bill at Steppenwolf (of both Macbeth and Frankenstein) was extremely fun.  We knew the shows very well from playing them on the road over the course of years and we were happy and proud to be being presented by Steppenwolf.  Steppenwolf was generously letting us use their marquee and name.  They have a habit of helping the “storefront theaters” in Chicago. (We are, of course, not one of those – and typically fall outside of being able to be grouped – except by ensemble, physical theater and comedy or Clown Theater). Although they gave us everything related to the production “at cost”, this production was literally 10 times as expensive as anything we’d ever done. 

We went all in, and so did our audience.  The plan was to do both shows every Saturday with a change of set between the shows.  Our friends at The Signature Room made us the most amazing party between the opening night shows.  They totally embraced and magnified our raucous energy and attached it to impeccable service and amazing tastes.  We shared the theater with August: Osage County, and we were nervous about making too much noise upstairs while the grown ups were making “serious theater” downstairs. 

- Adrian Danzig

Outrageous humor and ape-shit acrobatics…

- Time Out Chicago


500 Clown Macbeth as it was in 2007 at the Upstairs Theater at Steppenwolf Theater Company.

500 Clown Macbeth as it was 5 years earlier in 2002 at the Chopin Theater at the City of Fools.

A montage over the years of one of the best sequences in 500 Clown Macbeth for comparison's sake.

Press Clippings

  • "And with little more than a few choice lines from the original, some brazenly deconstructed ad-libs, a hospital emergency room’s worth of death-defying gymnastics and off-the-wall stunts, plus a ferociously twisted sense of anarchy, they have turned ‘the Scottish play’ into something fast, furious and insanely true to its core."

    - Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

  • "500 Clown knows better than any other comparable group I’ve seen how to build instant community in a theater."

    - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

  • "The company has a certain comic intellectualism that manages to be smart without being pretentious, allowing it to occupy the pretty rare space of easily accessible avent-garde."

    - Variety